Letter to My Granddaughter

My granddaughter who just graduated high school and will be off to college next month. She wrote a blog on time – what it means to her and how it has flown by. She comments on how her eighteen years have flown by.

Robin, when you get to be my age, time is more than an essay subject, more than something to reflect up, time is finite. At your age, you have all the time in the world. When  you are my age you realize that you have X number of years ahead of you…if you’re lucky, if you’re healthy.

Lately, I have also been reflecting on that word…time… What to do with the time I have left. And so I decided on several projects: finish and publish the book I’m working on and decide about the other two that are waiting for my editing skills; paint more pictures because that is my love…watercolors. Then I have a knitting project which I have almost completed…making a series of afghans, one of which I just finished and brought with em to Chicago when I came for your graduation.

Life flies by so fast, as you have begun to realize. So, think of goals…big ones and little ones. See what you can accomplish with your life. Always be prepared to make a left turn when your goal has to be temporarily…or permanently…laid aside. Then select another one. Above all, enjoy life. You only go around once…in this life time.

Back to the subject – time. I do my share of wasting time. We all do. And sometimes I don’t spend my time wisely. Then I rake myself over the coals and try to get back on track.

You are going off to college. You have four years to pursue your educational dream. They will fly by quickly as did your time in Israel and your 18 years. Keep me posted on your goals, your dreams, your successes…and failures (we learn best when we fail…we don’t want to make that mistake again). Don’t have too many failures. I hope you have lots of successes :)

Life is two steps forward and one step backward…but, in the end, if you keep moving forward, you will eventually reach your goal…or get close enough to satisfy yourself. Dream on. You have time.

Grandma Lynn